Mitch Trubisky Is Going To Win The Nickelodeon Valuable Player Award Thanks To Big Cat #Mitch4NVP @BarstoolBigCat

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Very fitting that Mitch Trubisky is going to win the very prestigious NVP. All thanks to Big Cat we should mention. Some say nothing is more important than the Super Bowl but I would argue that the NVP is up there. What a great display for kids to be exposed to the NFL than watching the best QB (Mitch) win the NVP what a treat.

What a great night for football, Nickelodeon being at the center of everything and the NVP on the line. Football would be more special if the NVP was on the line every Sunday it would truly become must watch T.V. Lets hope that Mitch with Americas help can secure the NVP! Keep voting! In Mitch we trust!

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