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Minnesota Vikings Sign New Quarterback; Where Will Kirk Cousins Go Now?

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The year 2021 has without question been the year of quarterback controversy in the NFL. Whether it be a battle for a starting position, veteran quarterbacks wanting a trade, or quarterbacks being drafted in the first round, it seems like most teams in the NFL have had to deal with some sort of controversy in the QB role.

This holds no different for the Minnesota Vikings. It seems like there is quite the divided split when it comes to Vikings starting quarterback, Kirk Cousins. While many still thinks he needs a bit more time to develop in the role, many believe that he needs to be shown the door for not being as effective as he should have been by now. Well, it appears that the Vikings have now drafted another quarterback, but the questions is, will he be the Vikings quarterback of the future?

It was announced last week that the Vikings officially quarterback Kellen Mond to his rookie contract.

So the new question is, what does this mean for Kirk Cousins who is now entering his 4th season with the Vikings? Where will he go next? The obvious answer is that Cousins will be the starter for Minnesota in the upcoming 2021 season. While Cousins has not exactly been a top tier NFL quarterback the past few seasons while playing for the Vikings, he has been good enough to at least be a “game manager” for them. At this point in time though, the Vikings need more from Cousins in his lead role.

Vikings offensive coordinator Klint Kubiak had the following to say on the quarterback situation in Minnesota:

“Really competitive group,” Kubiak said. “First of all, I want to single out coach Andrew Janocko, who’s really been a tireless worker, getting those guys ready for practice every day and Jake BrowningNate Stanley and Kellen Mond have really competed hard against each other. It’s a very intelligent room, so it’s competitive physically, but those guys compete mentally and who can have the quickest answer, who knows the answer the fastest, who can kind of think of the worst thing that can possibly happen on this play and how we’re going to fix it before it ever starts. So I love that room. It’s a great room.

“Individually, the performance — Jake Browning, I think, had a tremendous camp. Made a lot of great decisions, a lot of great throws. Nate Stanley, he impressed as well. He’s come a long way. He did not get a preseason game last year, so he’s chomping at the bit for that opportunity this year. And Kellen Mond certainly has put in a lot of work since he got here and has come a long way in these few weeks. The guy’s a tireless worker, and he has to be because he’s got to keep up with those guys ahead of him.”

credit: 247sports.com

When specifclaly discussing Kellen Mond further, this is what Kubiak had to say:

“You can only get to know someone so well in the draft prep, you can only have so many interview with ’em, and this year was a Zoom interview,” Kubiak said. “Here’s what I learned about Kellen Mond — he’s a hard worker and he loves football. Football is his life and he’s going to kill himself before he’s not prepared for practice or a meeting.

“So I appreciate that about him. You’re not going to coach somebody something that’s build into them by their coaches and by their parents, and he has the work ethic and the ‘want to’ to get better. Now he’s got to go get him some repetition with his teammates to help him expedite that process.”

credit: 247sports.com

So far, the praise of Kellen Mond seems very high in Minnesota from the offensive coordinator. It sounds like to me that if Cousins step up his game, he could very well be seeing the door by this time next year. For Cousins sake, hopefully he finds the missing pieces to the puzzle this offseason and gest it together. Otherwise, he may find himself being the perennial veteran backup making less money than he is now to close out his career.

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