Mike Majlak Just Dumped Lana Rhoades

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Oh, no! My favorite Internet couple is ending. Mike Majlak and Lana Rhoades relationship is coming to an end. Although the relationship didn’t last long the two of them made solid content together while it lasted. (UPDATE THEY’RE BACK TOGETHER – CLICK HERE!)

Hopefully Lana continues to make content on YouTube and other platforms. We aren’t sure what happened, the two of them seemed to be getting along and all over each other 24/7, now they’re done… I don’t want to speculate, but something must have been bothering Mike – or something wild must have happened if you’re going to break up with the Goddess herself.

Mike fired off a couple tweets tonight as well:

The relationship has been rocky from the moment that it started. We all remember the Ava Louise situation, now this? Maybe they just weren’t meant to be.

The news was also confirmed on Drama Alert:

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I’m sure that Logan Paul is happy that he has Mike back.


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