Mike Majlak Cheated On Adult Film Star Lana Rhoades with Ava Louise – @LanaRhoades @realavalouiise

UPDATE: Dr. Phil Girl / Skinny Legend Ava Louise Shares Story Of Rapper Lil Yatchy Groping Her When She Was A Minor

Mike Majlak, Logan Paul’s buddy, has been creating awesome YouTube content over the past year… the past month has been the best for him though! Why? Because he has been creating content with Adult Film star Lana Rhoades.


The content creating ended up leading to a sort of relationship… Where Lana gained tons of feelings. Butttttt…. Mike might have ruined that because he ended up getting a blow job from Ava Louise….

Here is the entire story according to KeemStar and Ava:

I don’t know if you can call it cheating because I don’t think Mike and Lana were actually dating?

Lana is sure acting like they were but… that’s a little awkward because Mike and Lana have only known of each other for a month.

Soooo.. was it cheating?

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