Mike Majlak and Frankie Delgado Just Teamed Up With Others To Release An Awesome New Video Dating App, Skippit, And It’s Everything Tinder Is Missing!

Tinder just finally met its match and it’s called Skippit! Skippit is a new type of dating app that takes things up a notch by replacing the awkward first drink and removes the possibility of being cat fished… And helps you actually get a feel of who your match is before going into a date.

Skippit is a new video dating app started by entertainer/businessman Mike Majlak who is also the co-host of the popular podcast, ImPaulsive! Majlak also teamed up with actor/producer Frankie Delgado on this project and the other cofounders on the team are Marc Baghadjian, and Mason Ohanlon.

Fellas, trust me on this… You’ll want to download this app, this app has potential to be bigger than Tinder and honestly from the technology, marketing and brains behind the project are unreal!

And… The girls? Tons of smokeshows, everywhere. You can even match up with some of your favorite IG models and Influences are they’re all first movers and pushing the awesome app as well.

I’d have to assume that with the technology and the team behind it Skippit could possibly be the biggest dating app in 2020 and years to come.

You can click here to download the Skippit app.

You can click here to follow Skippit on Instagram, where you’ll be able to watch their stories currently of different IG models/influences who are talking about the app.

Skippit’s website reads: Texting sucks. Waiting three weeks to go on a date sucks. Spending money on Uber to get trashy drinks only to be disappointed. Our competitors were built to get to the first date. We, by using video and voice, are the first date.

Some of the reviews on the app store read:

“I’ve been on Tinder since 2016 and it never led to meaningful connections. The culture on skippit is really authentic and I love the icebreakers! I’ve been on my 3rd date since using skippit and I definitely see the difference vs other dating apps.”

“The concept is genius and the girls are fire what more could you ask for”

Fellas! Good luck tonight. I hope you get some…. Some matches that is.


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