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Mid-game Swap: Duchene gets traded in game to Ottawa

It isn’t often in hockey when you see a player come off the ice during the middle of the game, then end up on another team. Well, it happened the other night with Matt Duchene and the Colorado Avalanche. The trade talks with Duchene have been happening for quite some time, and it was bound to happen at some point. Ever since last season, Duchene has been on the trade market. Not even two minutes into the game against the New York Islanders, Duchene was pulled off the ice. Instantly Twitter reacted that he had been traded, and very so were correct.

The trade overall was between Colorado, Nashville, and Ottawa. Here is how it all panned out for each club:

Colorado gets:

  1.    Shane Bowers (F) (OTT)
  2.    Andrew Hammond (G) (OTT)
  3.    1st and 3rd round pick (OTT)
  4.    2nd round pick (NAS)
  5.    Samuel Girard (D) (NAS)
  6.    Vladislav Kamenev (F) (NAS)

Nashville gets:

  1.    Kyle Turris (OTT)

Ottawa gets:

  1.    Matt Duchene (COL)


It is hard to not say that Colorado got a lot for Matt Duchene. Getting three picks, two forwards, one defensemen, and a goaltender for one player is a lot. Now Duchene is a great player, and it will be interesting to see how Colorado does without him. A former first round pick, who has put up 428 points in 586 games will be hard to replace. Colorado is not a Stanley Cup contender this season, so I like the move to get more picks and look towards the future. Although at this point in the season, Colorado is doing a little better than expected.

With a trade this big, who won it? It is a toss-up, but I like what Colorado did. There was a high chance that Matt Duchene was going to leave in the off-season, he wants to win and it is not happening any time soon in the Mile High City. To get rid of him now, and get that much in return was a good move on their part. But the tough part for Duchene is saying goodbye to the team and city he played for over eight seasons.

Along with the other teams, I think Ottawa comes in a close second. Ottawa was one game, maybe even a period away from making it to the Stanley Cup Finals. The addition of Duchene is big, and might be enough to push them over that next hump and make it to the finals. Short term, I would say Ottawa looks to get the better end of this trade. But, I like looking at the long term as what makes or breaks a good trade. And overall, the long term advantage looks to be in favor of Colorado.

For Nashville, I think Kyle Turris helps, but compared to what Nashville lost in return for what they got, they get 3rd from me. Girard is a solid defensemen, along with Kamenev as a good player for a younger guy. Turris is in his last season under his current contract, and will become an unrestricted free agent this off-season. With all that added up, not sure if this trade will pay off for Nashville in the long run.

Trades are never easy to predict, and are done for both sides (or all three in this case) to all benefit. But, we all know that one team will get the short end of the stick. Colorado will be a contender in a few years, and you can quote me on that. With the addition of young solid prospect and more draft picks, the future looks bright for them. For Ottawa and Nashville, this looks good short term, but for all we know Turris and Duchene could leave this off-season once their contracts are up.

With Joe Sakic in the front office, buy stock now with the Aves.


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