Microsoft Reportedly Releasing Discless Xbox One S System This May

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We’ve heard rumors for some time now about Microsoft producing an Xbox One console that won’t accept discs, and instead plays all its games digitally. That hasn’t been finalized yet, but some new documents suggest that it’s going to happen sooner rather than later.

Windows Center managed to locate some documents, including the image above, that suggest Microsoft will release the disc-less system starting May 7. With it, players will be able to pick and choose as many digital games as they can fit onto the 1Tb hard drive. However, pricing for the system hasn’t been revealed just yet.

There were rumors that the system would be smaller, and that appears to be the case with a somewhat micro-sized console with a regular sized controller. However, keep in mind this design hasn’t been completely finalized yet, as there’s still room for changes.

As for bonuses to entice those that are going all-digital, Microsoft appears to be throwing in three games on the drive for players to enjoy. These include the open-world pirating adventure Sea of Thieves; the classic Minecraft; and the racing game Forza Horizon 3. Not bad, though it’s tough to say if it’s worth it or not until we get an idea of price. (If it goes for something along the lines of $199, however, count us in!)

This would be a change from the Xbox models we’ve gotten used to over the years, and it could strike a blow to those that like collecting discs. But for them, hey, you’ve got the other Xbox One S and X models that are on the market, so you won’t be shut out.

We’ll let you know once Microsoft makes an announcement regarding this system. Keep those eyes open!

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