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Michigan Wolverines Take Over Columbus and Quite Possibly The #1 Rank In The Country

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I think it is very easy to say that this was the best game of basketball played all year, by any team. The #3 Wolverines vs the #4 Buckeyes has lived up to the hype..and then some. Not a single person on that court woke up this morning and chose not to go out there and give it their all. This was a National Championship type of battle.

The Wolverines entered halftime shooting 10/13 from deep, and OSU going 6/13. that’s crazy cause 6/13 is still just under 50% which any team would take that all day, but Michigan just had a better answer to that.

Now I will admit, throughout the first half there was a couple of controversial calls that led to OSU buckets. As unbiased as possible, it reminded me a lot of the “JT was short” call.

These refs were calling charge calls on Michigan, when the OSU player was moving to the side with his foot still off the ground; it didn’t just happen once either, it was all half. There were 5 charge/blocking calls throughout the first half, all of them were called against Michigan…little suspicious? But that’s not surprising sense it is a top 5 matchup, against their biggest rival, and in Columbus – it’s bound to happen.

Overall, it was a very solid first half by both teams. Both teams played like they deserve to be the #1 seed in the tournament come March.

And then the second half started. Both teams actually came out and missed some shots to start off the half; which isn’t surprising cause I don’t think anybody was expecting them to play the way they did in the first half all game. But it was still just as even as a matchup. OSU went on a 3 minute run with no points, which was followed by a 3 minute scoreless run by the Wolverines. Nonetheless, the second half was just as even as the first half was.

The main difference between the two teams that had a huge deciding factor, was that Michigan played better together as a team. Michigan had 19 assists and OSU had 11, it came down to the fact that nobody on the OSU team knew who would be taking the next shot for Michigan. Whereas, almost every shot attempt for OSU was either Duane Washington or E.J. Liddell. Don’t get me wrong, both of those players are very talented, but you can’t have that game plan against the best of the best teams, and expect to win down the stretch…must be some of that OSU education coming into action there.

A crucial play that I believe was the deciding factor in the game, was when #14 on OSU wanted to be fancy with it but instead lost them the game. Please enjoy this clip!

If Michigan basketball hasn’t made the statement that Michigan is a basketball school instead of a football school, they sure did now. Michigan made a statement today, after all the critics saying that they haven’t played the good teams in the big team yet, they just took down the #4 team in the country ON THE ROAD! GO BLUE EVERYDAY!

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Jonathan Garner

Junior at Grand Valley State University Sport Management Major

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