Michigan Senator Dale Zorn Thought it Would be a Good Idea to Break Out his Confederate Flag Mask the Other Day

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So this is where we’re at in this stage of quarantine, huh? We have Dale Zorn walking the Senate floor in a CONFEDERATE FLAG MASK! Wherever you stand on the topic of the flag, if you insist it’s a piece of history or a symbol of hate (the South flew it in a war fighting to keep black people enslaved by the way) is up to you, but Mother of God Dale have a pulse one time for me.

You absolutely cannot walk around wearing that mask. You can’t do it. At no point in his morning routine did Dale second guess himself? In between grabbing his keys and coffee he didn’t think to himself “y’know, maybe I shouldn’t wear this highly controversial symbol to work. I do work as a public official, after all.” He just hopped in his car, drove all the way to work, saw the mask again

as he was ready to put it on his face and didn’t waver for a second?

I love the excuse he gave about his wife, too. She made the thing for him and claimed it was inspired by the state flag for Kansas and Tennessee, which served as inspiration. Let’s take a closer look


State Flag | Tennessee Secretary of State


Flag of Kentucky - Wikipedia

The mask in question

Michigan sen.: Sorry for face mask resembling Confederate flag ...

Ummm, not quite Mrs. Zorn! Outside of the navy color there isn’t a shred of Kentucky in there but there’s a whooooooole lot of Confederacy.

It just boggles my mind how stupid people are sometimes. Dale Zorn probably has more degrees than I have books and even I know grabbing a white hoodie on my way to equestrian club probably isn’t a solid fashion choice. You can’t teach handsome and you can’t fix stupid.

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