Michigan Scores Exactly 42 Points Tonight While Honoring Tate Myre and The Victims of The Oxford High School Shooting

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It’s no secret that there was a very tragic shooting that happened at Oxford High School. However this isn’t to shed any negative light on anyone. This is to just sit back and appreciate the good things in life.

Tonight the University of Michigan honored Tate Myre and the victims of the fatal shooting by wearing a patch with the number 42, and 4 stars underneath it. As many have heard Myre was a promising young athlete who was reported to have thrown himself in front of the gunman to help his classmates escape. A true definition of a hero. I know Tate was only a high school student but his actions were noble, and I have nothing but admiration for him.

It just so happened that after tonight’s game the Michigan football team scored EXACTLY 42 points in the Big 10 Championship against the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Straight chills here. I don’t really know what all of you believe in but this is more than a coincidence. While this is only a sporting event and the pain of losing your children can’t be easily mended I really do hope this helped those parents out a little bit and at least made them smile!

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