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Michigan Becomes The Only College To Remain Undefeated In Both Men and Women’s Basketball

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I have made many blogs in the past about Michigan basketball and their pure dominance on the court this season, but none about the women. The men have dominated most of their games, and still had doubters coming from people saying that they haven’t played a ranked team yet, blah blah blah. So 2 days ago, they go against #15 ranked Northwestern who has already beat MSU by double digits, and absolutely take a dump on them and beat them by 19. So it is clear now that Michigan men’s basketball can play some ball. But nobody has talked about the Women’s basketball team yet. They are undefeated as well. In fact, Michigan is the only college in the nation that has not lost a game yet on the hardwood.

Seems pretty remarkable to me, and I don’t see that win streak stopping any time soon as both teams seem to be on fire.

I know it is wayyyyy to early to say anything about a National Championship, but the talk is always fun so I’m going to do it anyways. Only 1 school has won the Men’s and Women’s basketball national championship in the same year. Guess who? UConn in 2004 & 2014. Which doesn’t surprise me because the UConn Women’s team has been dominate for years on end now, so it comes down to their men’s team winning the national championship. So who is to say that Michigan can’t do it this year? It is clear that Michigan is nothing but a basketball school, especially considering the fact that they still don’t know who the head football coach is going to be this upcoming year, and national signing day is right around the corner. So why not make it known around the country that Michigan is a basketball school, and go out there and dominate the floor with both genders.

Yes, this is the year we can all come the realization of it, Mr. Michael Wieder. The fanbase sure as hell knows what kind of school Michigan is, now it’s time to prove it! Both teams are top 15 in the country, women at #14 and Men’s at #10. The train is rolling and it isn’t stopping anytime soon! GO BLUE

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Jonathan Garner

Junior at Grand Valley State University Sport Management Major

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