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Michigan Basketball Stays Undefeated…MSU Wishes They Can Say The Same

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Can 2021 get off to a better start? Michigan basketball stays undefeated and the “Wait till basketball season” team is on a 3 game losing streak. Not only is MSU losing, but they are getting straight up humiliated. Losing by 25 to Minnesota is something that no MSU fan wants to see, but what every Michigan fan loves to see. I don’t know what it is, but this basketball season makes me so happy. Maybe it’s the part how every MSU fan was screaming “Wait till basketball season” and “We’re a basketball school” throughout the football season, but I can tell you this much…They are nothing. Actually, I take that back, they’re a tennis school.

Those are some key recruits heading into the 2021 Tennis season. Hopefully that can help them gain some respect, because we all know that their football/basketball program is failing to do so… “Wait till Tennis season”

Now lets get back to basketball, how good is Michigan hoops? I’d say pretty damn good. Hunter Dickinson is a monster in the paint, and so far, nobody can seem to stop him.

Having a big man like that is so important in having a dominant team. This Michigan team is wet from beyond the arc and can also beat you down low. Even if this team doesn’t win a championship this year, they are still such a fun and electric team to watch.

I can say all I want about Michigan and MSU, but February 6th will solve everything. GO BLUE!!

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Jonathan Garner

Junior at Grand Valley State University Sport Management Major

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