Michigan Basketball Shuts Up Every Doubter In The Nation As They Embarrass Minnesota

WOW! If you had any doubt that Michigan basketball was not a contender, then you better not now. They just man handled Minnesota and made it look easy, a little too easy that is. Many people were saying that Michigan hasn’t played anyone good yet, and that Northwestern isn’t as good as everyone thought. Well, today we learned that Michigan is a damn good team that can compete against the best.

What started off as a defensive battle in the first half, where Michigan only lead by 6. Turned into a Michigan slugfest when they got off to a 20-0 run, and never let Minnesota smell a comeback. The defense stayed lockdown, the offense remained scoring, and Hunter Dickinson is still a man-child. What was really nice to see about this game, was that the three ball was not falling for Michigan and they were still able to score. As a team that has relied on the three pointer for years now, it was nice to see us dominate the paint all game.

That is a bold take because we have seen what has happened in March Madness before, hence the name “madness” but how can you not think such a thing after they dominate every team week in week out. They are deep, they are strong, and they play together, not one man is selfish.

Juwan Howard is such a good coach it’s unreal. The fact that he is bringing in the #1 recruiting class in the nation is crazy. He knows what he is doing. Michigan basketball is everything that we wish Michigan football was. Even Scott Bell has a good take with this one:

The scary part is that Michigan football beat Minnesota by 25, and basketball just beat them by 25 as well. I am praying that the basketball season does not turn into anything like how the football season went, but I highly doubt that will happen.

To sum it up, Michigan just shut up every single doubter in the nation, and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. GO BLUE!!


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