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Michigan Basketball Is The Best Team In The Country And It Isn’t Close

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If you don’t think Michigan is the best team in the country after watching what they have done so far this season, then you are a delusional MSU fan. Because everybody else that knows a thing or two, can tell you that Michigan basketball is playing better than any team in the country and it isn’t close. They are the first team in college basketball history to win 3 straight games against ranked opponents by 19+ points. That’s crazy!

Wisconsin stood no chance against the Maize and Blue tonight. It was over before halftime. Michigan found themselves on a 43-6 run…Yes you heard that correctly, 43-6 run against the 9th ranked team in the country.

With Wagner’s quick hands, Smith’s playmaking, Dickinson’s strength, Liver’s experience, and Chaundee’s defense, nobody can get in the way of this team. People thought that Wisconsin would get in the way of Michigan’s undefeated run because of their age, but that was turned down real quick. Believe it or not, the average age of Wisconsin’s starting 5 is 22.6, the average age of the Chicago Bulls starting lineup, 21.6 years old. That’s right, Wisconsin is significantly older than the Chicago Bulls, and Michigan is significantly better than Wisconsin.

What makes this win feel so much better, is all of the hate that Michigan was receiving after their 2nd win of the season to Oakland in overtime. Saying that they are frauds, a worst program than their football team, Juwan is overrated, etc. It just makes me laugh to see people judge a brand new young team so quickly. I remember saying myself in one of my earlier blogs after that game, that this is a new team and once they get their chemistry up, they will be dangerous. Well look at us now…pretty fucking dangerous.

I mean just look at how badly this Michigan team is making Wisconsin look.

Michigan is just man handling them in every single category on the floor. The final score was 77-54 which is an obvious blowout, but the game was honestly wayyy more out of hand than that. This team is exciting and they play so good together as a team.

This undefeated run that Michigan is on won’t last forever, and I understand that they will lose a game this season. At least I hope so, because the odds of not losing a single game for the entire season including the NCAA tournament is very slim and has never been done before. So I understand that the loss will come here shortly, but it sure does feel like it is a long ways away still at this moment.

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Jonathan Garner

Junior at Grand Valley State University Sport Management Major

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