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Michigan Basketball Holds off PSU in B1G Opener

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Michigan goes into this game without their starting center, Austin Davis, which means freshman Hunter Dickinson will be seeing much more playing time. That wasn’t an issue for him though, as he started the game off making a statement to Juwan Howard as to why he should be the starter.

We all knew that Dickinson was more skilled than Davis, but Davis has the experience over Dickinson at the college level. It was clear that Dickinson would be starting once the end of the year came rolling around, Davis just needed to teach him a thing or two before he took over that role.

Overall, it was a very nice, clean first half (minus a few sloppy turnovers) as Michigan took a solid 9 point lead heading into the half. Should be a little more than 9, but the ref decided to call a very questionable charge call on what would of been an and-1 for Mike Smith right before the half.

And then the second half started….Penn state gets off on a 16-2 run and just like that, its tied.

It went from thinking this was going to be another good looking win by the Wolverines, to now we’re looking at a brutal choke job. Luckily, Michigan was able to hold off the comeback PSU was trying to make. The freshman, Terrence Williams almost looked as if he was trying to throw the game after missing both free throws in crucial time, but that goes with being a freshman that hasn’t experienced these situations yet.

This game whether it was a win or not, is good for the freshman to get under their belt. Having these close games where it’s just a grind from start to finish, is big for experience. All in all, I really like this team and I can see them giving every team a run for their money. They’re deep, and that’s what’s important in having such a young team.

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Jonathan Garner

Junior at Grand Valley State University Sport Management Major

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