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Michigan Basketball Comes Back Strong Against Maryland After Their First Lost Of The Season

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The question surrounding this team for the last few days has been, how will this young team answer back after losing to Minnesota? And well, they gave us an answer all right by coming out and dominating Maryland to start off the game. Livers and Smith had a combined 5/5 from the 3 point line to start the game, and together they had 15 of Michigan’s first 17 points. The team looked fired up and ready to play in this first half after taking a 17 point lead going into the break.

The wheels did not slow down either after the half. Dickinson didn’t contribute too many points for the Wolverines in this outing, but he made up for it with some lockdown defense. The rest of the team continued to do their thing by dominating their opponent on both sides of the ball. This team remains in my top 5, and they are still a scary team to go up against when everyone is healthy.

I think what people don’t understand after watching that game against Minnesota, is that Minnesota is a very good home team. They have raised floors that can throw a teams shooting off dramatically, which was obvious after watching Michigan play there. Minnesota has a record of 11-4, and they have had 11 home games and 4 road games, winning all of their home games and losing all of their road games. So it’s not like that lost to them was a bad loss at all, in fact I think it helped humble them and make them a better team. All good teams lose and having that be there first lost is okay, it’s how you answer back after losing is what determines good teams from great teams. And Michigan answered back very strongly. GO BLUE!!

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Jonathan Garner

Junior at Grand Valley State University Sport Management Major

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