Michael Jordan NBA’s Biggest Cheater, Caught!? NBA Should Be Ashamed? | Chicago Bulls

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If you’ve read these blogs in the past you know that you can be the greatest player of all time, and still be a cheater. I’m not talking about off the court I’m talking about on the court.

Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time. Hands-down. Now that doesn’t stop the fact that every once in a while the NBA let him get away with things they wouldn’t let other players get away with. But at the same time there were games when Jordan wouldn’t get every single call.

But was Michael Jordan a cheater? Was he a gambler? More than likely. Jordan seemed to have a lot of fun on and off the court.

Even nowadays the retired Jordan has a lot of fun, and his wife? Yvette Prieto who is an American model adds to his fun.

Jordan has been winning on and off the court.

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