Michael Gruen Just Made An Offer To Buy Part Of A Major League Sports Team?! @Michaelgr1011

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Businessman Michael Gruen continues to shock me. Every move he makes surprises me and he did it once again. Somehow him and I are the same age and it feels like he’s about 20 years older than me. It seems like every day he makes a big announcement about him or his partners.

Gruen just posted on Twitter that he has made an offer to buy a part of a major league sports team!

I don’t have a clue what sports team he possibly just offered to buy but if Michael Gruen is going to be behind it, it’s something big.

Gruen’s rise to ‘fame’ to some seems like an overnight success but in reality the 22 year old has been an entrepreneur since he was a young buck and now he’s starting to be in the spotlight. He has been making different podcast appearances, being talked about on major podcasts, the future for Gruen is bright.

Seeing I’m a diehard Detroit Lions fan, I can only hope that he offered to buy into the Lions…. But I doubt that. It’ll be big news to see if they accept his offer.

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