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Micah Parsons Will Miss The Remainder of The 2021 NFL Season #DallasCowboys

Written by austenlange

The Dallas Cowboys may have to play without rookie phenom Micah Parsons for their Week 18 matchup against The Philadelphia Eagles, and it may not be that bad of a thing.

Parsons has torn the NFL a new asshole and has been put on notice as a premier defender for America’s Team.

Parsons has been the whole heatbeat of the team and without him I really don’t see them doing much against the Jalen Hurts led Eagles. Just going to be very hard to lose that much impact on the defense for all aspects, not just his pass rush ability.

Parsons vaccination status is still unknown to me, but I’m not sure that really matters at all. The NFL has twisted and turned these rules in so many differing patterns that I don’t even think they know their own protocol. I do know Parsons will miss the Saturday matchup and that honestly may be ok.

Think about it this way, we can’t get the 1 seed, we’re currently in the 2 seed but does that really matter/affect anything? Not really, just giives Jerry more money to sell home playoff tickets. Us losing or winning here does absolutely 0 for us. Why not let our stars rest. Get guys like Keanu Neal some quality reps, let some unsung hero’s rise and show what they’ve got going on.

Obviously hope Micah recovers well and has a speedy recovery. I’m just happy this didn’t happen next week.

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