Meyers Leonard was The Only Player Standing For the National Anthem Because He Will Be Seating For the Rest of The Series

The Los Angelos Lakers and The Miami Heat play Game 1 of the NBA Finals tonight and before the game players and coaches on both sided kneeled for the National Anthem…expect one Meyers Leonard. Well Leonard will be sitting for the whole series anyways so he thought he should stand to be active? I don’t know anyways Twitter is clowning him so it is entertaining.

I have a lot of respect for Leonard he has been very vocal about racial equality, and the Black Lives Matter movement but he is showing respect for his brothers service and showing that you shouldn’t be afraid to stand for both causes.

Twitter is pretty much a very unforgiving place so on one side you feel for Leonard but on the other side you just stand with the mob that is clowning a man. Some of these memes are tremendous Twitter is a wild land.

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