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Mets GM Jared Porter Has Unsolicited Dick Pics Leaked And They Are Brett Favre Level Bad

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In true New York Mets fashion, another hire is blowing up in their face after Mina Kimes has released a story that this many went on a texting spree not seen in NYC since Brett “4 inch” Favre.

Jared Porter was just hired by the Mets to take over as GM in the new Steve Cohen regime, and a text chain of him sending unsolicited dick picks to a woman who wasn’t giving him the time of day (to the tune of 60+ unanswered texts) has been released for the world to see. You would have to imagine this is going to be the end for him as the GM of the Mets, because you absolutely can’t be doing shit like that in 2021 and still hold your position. What a fucking lunatic this guy is? I seriously don’t understand shit like this. Do you think miraculously the person who isn’t responding to you is going to devolve into a puddle when she sees your extremely below average water pistol? What is the logical move there that would benefit him?

Besides the obvious gloating of a Yankees fan like myself saying “Same Ole Mets”, there is the very serious angle that he absolutely has to be fired for this. You can’t tolerate this type of shit anywhere, he knew very well what he was doing, and what he was doing was harassing a woman. I would imagine it is any minute now until he loses his job, as the Mets have already addressed the issue and said they are “researching the matter”. Since he has admitted to the validity of those messages, it is only a matter of time for this guy in Queens. Way to throw away your career. What a dickhead.

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P.S. Pun intended.

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