Merry Christmas Cody! The Knicks Have Officially Clinched A Playoff Spot For The First Time Since 2013

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Hit the damn music! With the Celtics loss to the Cavs tonight the Knicks have officially clinched their first playoff spot since 2013. This is such an awesome feeling as a Knicks fan after years and years of being goofed on because the Knicks have been so bad it looks like their is a light at the end of the tunnel as the Knicks turn into a legitimate franchise.

This is all thanks to Knicks President Leon Rose who has absolutely transformed the organization in less than a year. What the Knicks have done this season is nothing short of impressive, they have shattered all expectations that the league and the media had for them. It is such a feel good season with this team this season, the energy is different, you can see the culture has changed and it may be still early but the New York might become an attraction again.

It is crazy how things can change so fast, this team a year ago looked a mess. Julius Randle looked like a waste of money (Now he has turned into an All NBA player, and the legitimate face of the franchise), they had no head coach (Thibs should be Coach of the Year), and the franchise look like it HAD no direction.

That all has changed and quick. No matter what happens in the first round of the playoffs or who they face, the Knicks will play good basketball as they have played all year. This Knicks team makes every game look ugly and a dog fight. This season was a win no matter how you look at it and I am just excited to watch the Knicks PLAY PLAYOFF BASKETBALL! HIT THE DAMN MUSIC!

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