Merrian-Webster Dictionary Lists ‘Yooper’ as Today’s Word of the Day (9/16)

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Here on a cloudy and mild-weathered Monday, I was randomly just going through my social media and I just found and read on Facebook that Merrian-Webster Dictionary has listed on today (September 16th, 2019) that the word ‘Yooper’ is featured as their ‘word of the day.’ 

The dictionary’s online post has listed that the word Yooper is a noun that has definition in quote: “a native or resident of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan — used as a nickname.” 

The post also reads that the Yooper is originated from a ‘common’ nickname in which is us as a region is called ‘the U.P.’ 

It also states about Yoopers referring to people who live ‘under’ the famous Mackinac  Bridge as trolls, but they said it is ‘too much of a regionalism to qualify for entry in our dictionaries.

Well, I’m sure after seeing it the post, all of us Yoopers will be happy that the word is being mentioned on a dictionary like Merrian-Webster. 

Especially with all the misrepresentations that the entire region has had in the summer, I feel like it is a great honor for us to be mentioned in that type of post. 

You can view the post by Merrian-Webster here

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