Megan Thee WWE Champion

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First of all, this is a Megan Thee Stallion Stan account. In my eyes this woman can do no wrong and I have been supportive of everything she does since I saw her freestyling on Twitter a few years back. Recently she has made headlines with the cover of Sports Illustrated, which is the greatest cover of all time in my opinion. Megan has been at the top of the charts for two years now but could she be at the top of women’s wrestling? People on social media always clown Meg because sometimes the outfits she wears look like something you would see a WWE superstar but I’m not joking. I seriously think Megan would be the biggest attraction in women’s wrestling since Chyna hit the scene. Meg stands at 5’11 with a thick athletic frame, I mean if that doesn’t scream money in the ring then you need to open your ears. Deeper than her build, she is an entertainer, absolutely stunning, and has all the charisma in the world. Her unique voice and rhyming abilities could make for some great promos. You may think I’m crazy but we watched Snooki compete in a match at WrestleMania so I’m not off in this at all. If WWE goes back to Rolling Loud next year I want Megan to perform her own entrance music then get in the ring and lay the smack down while the hotties cheer her on.

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