Meet The Coolest Guy In College Baseball, Stephen Schoch @bigdonkey47

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You have heard of bat flips before, but have you ever heard of glove flips? Well meet Virginia’s closer Stephen Schoch would pulled the all time move by launching his glove after striking out the side to advance to the regional final. Stephen is an absolute electric factory for pulling off this move and I love it.

If we are cool with guys throwing their bats 100 miles in the air we can embrace pitcher celebrations. If you aren’t sold on him being the coolest dude in college baseball just listen to his post-game interview.

Also this dude is in college? I am 22, graduated and look nothing close to this guy he must be 30? Anyways go off Stephen you just gained a lot of fans today. By the way you have the best Twitter handle of all time, “bigdonkey47” are you kidding me? You are telling me bigdonkey 1-46 was taken?

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