Meet Keli Leaupepe The Most Electric College Basketball Player In The Nation

If you don’t know who Loyal Marymount Lion’s Keli Leaupepe is then you are leaving under a rock. He is the most electric basketball player in the nation just look at his hair, his game, and court presence, electric city.

No question he has the best hair in the country, is that a mullet? Or is this man such an innovator that he created his own hair style? I want answers. I hope this LMU team makes a deep run into the tournament this year so we can be seeing a lot more of Keli. Petition to have all of LMU games nationally televised so we can see as much of Keli possible because ever thing about him is electric.

He looks like someone that you would generate randomly from 2k or something he doesn’t even seem real. I did not know who my favorite college player was coming into this season but I think I found one. Seems super easy to root for and I mean just look at his hair? What is not to love he is a mad man I’ve watched some clips on him and he just has a motor that does not stop. He is a ‘dawg’ as some people would say and every program needs one of their team.

Now that I have been looking at Keli for a little bit he kind of looks like an Aldi’s version of Roman Reigns. There is only one Keli and I think I am starting a fan club for him.

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