Mecole Hardman Wears Patrick Mahomes Throwback Ahead of AFC Divisional Game

Holy drip. My respect for Mecole Hardman just went through the damn roof. Hey Mecole, where can I get one of these? Do you think he got that one illegally through china or does he have a jersey plug? Looks like dhgate to me, but I respect the drip.

This is a damn good point by ESPN here. Hardman is 100% trying to get in the good graces of Mahomes before the playoff game. Any little thing he can do to get some receptions he’s gonna do, and this is a bold strategy. I can’t lie, it’s even inspired me to aquire a TTU Mahomes jersey of my own.

On the subject of Mahomes in college, did you all know that he and Baker Mayfield once had a wild shootout? Yup. Mahomes threw for over 700 yards, and Baker went over 500. Now they’re meeting in the postseason!!! Bananas!!!!

You’re welcome for that new information. That’s why you read my blogs. For hard hitting insight that no other, and I mean NO OTHER, mainstream media sources will tell you about. Enjoy the ballgame.

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