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Josh McDaniels gets 2nd chance; now the Indianapolis Colts head coach

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It is finally done. Former New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels has made his move to Indianapolis official this morning. His introductory press conference will be held on Wednesday.

Josh McDaniels has been one of the most talented and masterful offensive minds that professional football has seen in recent memory.

However, that genius seemed to leave him when he was hired by the Denver Broncos in 2009. It looked to be a brilliant investment at first. After leading the Denver Broncos to a 6-0 start in the 2009 season, McDaniels lost 17 of the remaining 22 games he coached before finally parting ways with the organization.

Now after a successful reboot to his coaching career with the New England Patriots as their offensive coordinator, he is ready for another shot at being a head coach and gaining some personal redemption.

A day after the Patriots’ Super Bowl LII loss, the perpetuated understanding was that Josh McDaniels would follow through on his commitment to the Colts. Confusing signals were being sent regarding the possibility of McDaniels stunning the Colts and sending the Indy search all the way back to it’s original state.

The Indianapolis Colts no longer have to worry about that and welcome change with open arms after a 4-12 finish. After firing long time head coach Chuck Pagano right before the new year, Colts new general manager quickly zeroed in on McDaniels. He verbally committed to being their coach as early as mid-January.

Josh McDaniels will have to aid an offense that was ranked in the bottom ten in 4 major statistical categories. Points per game (16.4, 30th in the NFL), total yards per game (284.6, 31st in the NFL), passing yards per game (180.8, 30th in the NFL), and rushing yards per game (103.2, 22nd in the NFL).

While they are the furthest thing from the Patriots, the Indianapolis Colts by far had the most attractive quarterback situation of any team needing a head coach this season. Prized starting quarterback Andrew Luck is slated to be healthy and available for the 2018 season. His injured shoulder is finally at 100% and he plans to report for offseason training.

Taking this team from worst to first will be a huge challenge for the former offensive coordinator. However, I think after coaching in 3 more Super Bowls that he is more willing and able to not only help this team win, but to help find more talent as well. Something they lack sorely.

They have a game breaking wide receiver in T. Y. Hilton (who struggled noticeably last year), a young and emerging safety in Malik Hooker, the No. 3 overall pick in the draft, and north of $60 million in cap space. Moves will be made in the offseason by the Colts to attempt to further solidify the McDaniels hiring.

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