Max Kellerman is a Boob who Hates Happiness

I’m sorry for stating the obvious in the headline, but this truly can’t be emphasized enough. The guy went on a completely off-based tangent against my beloved Brooklyn Nets today. Here’s what he said: 

As a Nets fan, any slander of this team before they even take the court is a complete needle to the nutsack. Like, Max, do you understand that there were years when the Nets would win 20 games, their best player would be some bum like Thaddeus Young, and then the Celtics would use their draft pick to grab an all-star like Jaylen Brown?

Despite this, with a little Sean Marks magic, this team now has freaking KD and Kyrie Irving, and thats still not good enough for you, Max??? Like your telling me I still don’t have a chance at a title? If he thinks this, then he clearly doesn’t understand the alternatives that Nets fans could be facing.

In his babbling, Kellerman said:

“Start to think of KD as a Paul George caliber player, an all-star, but not an MVP… Kyrie is another good all-star, but not an MVP caliber player. That means this team has no players like that”

Woah, woah, woah, hold on a second Maxy. No MVP caliber players? Have you watched a second of Brooklyn ball in the last two years? You wanna say KD and Kyrie aren’t MVP guys, fine, we can debate that another day. But you’re telling me Jarrett Allen can’t take that thing home? The Fro is due for a trophy, Kellerman. And what about Chris Chiozza? That guys got confidence. Does that confidence usually result in him winging outlet passes into the third row of the stands? Yes it does. BUT, it could also translate into 33 a night under particular, very specific circumstances in which every other player on the team gets hurt, and his teammates are local middle schoolers.

In seriousness, this notion that the Nets need an MVP to be in contention is moronic. Personally, I’m a believer that KDs gonna comeback to his old self, as athleticism and explosiveness wasn’t a huge part of his game, but if he takes a step back (no pun intended LOLOLOLOL) from MVP to all-star, that’s really not a dealbreaker. The last 4 MVPs haven’t even reached the finals, and in two of those years the MVP didn’t even reach the conference championship. Additionally, the last two Eastern Conference Champions didn’t even have a player who came in the top 8 in voting, so I think he’s overrating the importance of such a player, and I’m still expecting champagne to be popped in Brooklyn.

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