Mavs Ban Fan Who Heckled Patrick Beverley

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The Mavs Fan who heckled Patrick Beverley in the last Clippers-Mavericks encounter has been banned for the rest of the season by the Mavs. The last matchup happened on December 2nd and tonight’s matchup is the first at the American Airlines Center since the encounter.

Sources told ESPN that Don Knobler, a fan known for his flamboyant wardrobe who has long sat courtside at Mavericks home games, was banned from the arena for the remainder of the season after an investigation by the organization confirmed Beverley’s account of their interaction.

Turns out Knobler basically kept yelling “Fuck Your Mother” at Patrick Beverley and Beverley eventually retaliated by throwing (a pretty soft) bounce pass at Knobler.

Watch Here:

Honestly, both Knobler and Beverley kinda suck here. This sounds terrible but Beverley really shouldn’t have reacted at all. You need to just be able to ignore fans like that because he won this battle, he got under the player’s skin.

AND IF you are going to react, don’t just weakly throw a bounce pass at the fan. I want Beverley to go through a full Randy Johnson wind up and pelt this man in the face from 8 feet away. I know he’ll get suspended and probably will have legal implications but it would be one of the greatest clip in NBA history, maybe only behind the Malace in the Palace.

With that being said Don Knobler is absolutely worse because if you go to games and sit first row, just to yell profanities at players about their mothers, you suck.

I mean you can just look at Don Knobler and tell that he sucks. He seems like the kinda guy to take money out of a tip jar because his coffee took to long.

The perfect solution to getting rid of these types of fans, that no one likes, is to allow the players to retaliate however they’d like. You yell “Fuck Your Mother” at a player, he’s allowed to come over and beat you until you look like Boggs in Shawshank.

The only ones who look good here are the Mavs for banning a fan who is there to be a pain to everyone. Shoutout the Mavs for actually taking a stance and banning a fan who obviously spends thousands of dollars a year on tickets. A lot of other franchises would just look the other way on this type of situation as to not lose a big money season ticket holder but the Mavs did the right thing.

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