Maven Set For Appearance on The Bump

A strange year in professional wrestling gets even stranger as WWE gets an appearance out of former Hardcore Champion Maven. Maven was a 3x Hardcore Champion, known for winning the first season of WWE Tough Enough.

His WWE run was rather uneventful, but was highlighted in two Royal Rumble appearances that were noteworthy due to run-ins with The Undertaker.

Following the 2002 Rumble match, he worked with WWE Champion Chris Jericho as he was never eliminated from the contest. He had a feud with Evolution for a little bit, before being regulated to Sunday Night Heat and ultimately being granted his release from the company in 2004. He retired from competition in general in 2016.

This is certainly fascinating. The Bump regularly has surprise guests, but normally they’re based on what’s going on on television or what is about to happen. Perhaps, a Maven return is imminent? Or is he there to discuss 30 years of the Undertaker?

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