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Matthew Stafford Snags Young Daughter Mid-Air As She Nearly Smashes Her Head When She Falls From Bed

Detroit Lions quarterback … I sadly mean Los Angeles Rams quarterback, Matthew Stafford, saved one of his young daughters from smashing her head off of the floor while she fell from her bed.

A video posted by Kelly Stafford on her Instagram and then later posted on our Twitter shows exactly what we are talking about:

Stafford has some pretty good hands! What a snag.

He might need to learn how to throw the ball and catch it himself with skills like that.

Talk about a… GIRL DAD!

Matthew for the save. One thing that he’ll always be able to tell his daughters, he’ll catch you when you fall! To be fair, she’d have probably have bounced right back up like Matthew has done over and over throughout his lifetime.

Not all moments like this are captured but thankfully the camera and.. well.. Matthew caught this one!

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