Matthew Stafford $6.5 Million Dollar Home Is Up For Sale And It’s Wild

The news broke on Saturday that Matthew Stafford and the Lions have mutually agreed to part ways. The star quarterback has put up his 12,295 square foot mansion for sell and this house is astonishing.

I don’t what the coolest part of the house is because it is all so awesome. A wine Caller for 625 bottles? That’s awesome/insane, you do need all the alcohol in the world if you are on the Lions so it makes sense. The living room looks sweet with that pool table. The infinity pool is crazy nice, but Stafford only uses that like twice a year. Considering he lives near Detroit. The basketball court is the coolest part to me. Getting to play basketball on an actual court whenever you want no matter the weather. That’s as sweet as it gets I have always dreamed of having an indoor court. That never became a reality. Well, just wait until I’m a millionaire, I’m buying a house with just basketball courts.

Anyway, this house is absolutely wild. The good news for the people of Detroit about Stafford is a sweet house just opened up for all you millionaires. If anyone has 6.5 million laying around, hit me up please and thanks.

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