Matt Serra Officially Announces His Retirement From Cornering

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On today’s UFC Unfiltered Podcast hall-of-famer and former Welterweight Champ Matt Serra announced his official retirement from fighting. This decision came after newly crowned bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling decided not to have Serra in his corner at UFC 259 this past Saturday. An emotional Serra broke down the situation on the UFC Unfiltered podcast this week. Check it out.

I obviously don’t have the details of the situation, so instead of bashing Aljo for leaving Matt out of his corner, I’m just gonna talk about how much I’ll miss Serra. I mean, all-time fun corner guy. That loud, raspy Long Island voice screaming rear-naked choke instructions has been a staple of east coast MMA my entire life. Like, you’re telling me I’ll never hear “Fuck yeah, Raging Al” again? I might cry. You’ll be missed Matt Serra. Love you.

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