Matt LaFleur On Aaron Rodgers Story: “He Ripped My A** Man.”

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It is now June 1st.

Things are still tense between Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers organization. With no new trade rumor or even contract extension announcement, that means we can only talk about the situation by digging up old dirt. With no updates, that means airing dirty laundry from the past. In this case though, it isn’t some insider or ESPN reporter dropping a bombshell, nope. No sir. Instead, it is the Packers head coach Matt LeFleur

While appearing on the Flying Coach podcast, he let us in a little secret from Week Two during the 2020 season. While beating down the Detroit Lions like everybody else does in the league, the Packers were faced with a 3rd and 10 in the red zone, ready to score as usual. Again, this would be against the Cowardly Lions. Always good for two wins a season. Anyways, LeFleur is a nut about the play clock, so as he explains…

“I’m watching the clock, and I’m watching it go down, and I think we had a motion on the play, and they’re in an all-out pressure look. I’m looking at the clock, and it’s at five seconds, and Rodgers is still talking to the tight end. I didn’t think he was going to get it done,, so I popped the timeout before he could get the snap off. He got everything done. He got the ball snapped, and it was a premiere look that was going to be a little dump off to our tight end that was going to be wide open. I’ll never forget. He ripped my a** man.”

Ouch. There have always been rumors of dissension between the young coach and the kinda-sorta young quarterback. Either way, there were also rumbling in Green Bay for years about Rodgers not like the previous head coach, so there you go. Regardless, the story notes that this was an isolated incident (yeah, suuuuuure), and they are on good terms. Rodgers did state as such on May 24th while speaking with ESPN’s Kenny Mayne (at the time). It seems his issues are with the top brass, not necessarily the coaching staff.

Still, a funny story indeed. Watching the Packers live and on television for the past 483 million years here in Wisconsin, it is certainly noticeable when Rodgers is upset after a play call or after a bad throw or a missed block or a penalty or whatever. Oftentimes he will do his trademark arm wave and point, followed by the aggressive loosening of the chin strap on his helmet – usually while barking at a teammate.

I digress though. This little anecdote by LeFleur really has no bearing on the impending Rodgers decision, stay or go. I just thought it was very interesting that we are beginning to hear tales similar to this one, that may or may not paint such a beautiful picture in TitleTown. Feels we are not even close to an ending to this dramatic saga. Stay tuned…

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