Matt Barrie Put Some Poor Soul in a Body Bag Today | @MattBarrie

Matt Barrie was simply not going to allow NWinans9 to slander him on the World Wide Web. Not today. Not March 1st in the two thousand and twentieth year of our Lord.

They say if you come at the king, you best not miss. Well, if you come at Matt Barrie, ESPN College Football host, you also best not miss. Doesn’t quite roll off the tongue with the same ring but it’s true nonetheless.

PS: How does NWinans9 go about this? Does he hold on to his pride and continue to rock his shitty beard? On one hand, he has no choice. You can’t get ratio’d on twitter and not make any changes. But on the other hand, you simply can’t go about your day being shitty beard guy. I can’t imagine showing up to the office tomorrow rocking that facial hair is an option. ALL of his coworkers are going to be examining that thing with a fine tooth comb. His only option may be to pick up and move to Alaska where they for sure don’t have internet.

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