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Matt And Reby Hardy Expecting Their Fourth Child – Any Girl Name Suggestions?

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Congrats to Matt and Reby Hardy.

With a house full of boys, it was time for a girl to be added to the hardy party. Reby has to even the score somehow, right? It was revealed earlier on Friday that the couple is expecting their fourth child together. Absolutely amazing news all around and something deliberate entering a new year. The two just keep on adding to the legendary name in professional wrestling.

As Matt Hardy has in his Twitter bio, his number one priority is #HouseHardy – Reby, Maxel, Wolfie, and Bartie. It does make you wonder what name the two will pick out for the newborn girl. Sure, that is months down the road, but you never know what they will come up with with all their creativity. May I suggest the name Sky? Just a fun throwback to Reby’s persona and is cool. 

At least in my opinion. Then again, what do I know?

What do you all think for girl names?

Congrats again.

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