Mason Lanier aka Symfuhny Drops Racial Slur On Stream? FaZe Swagg and JSmooth Speak Out Against It

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Mason Lanier, 21, is one of the most popular streamers, he has seen his Twitch channel grow to boast more than 3 million followers. Online he goes by the nickname Sym.

Recently ‘Sym’ started being talked about on social media because he dropped the N-bomb on stream. While saying it he didn’t use the hard ‘r’ but still. He was talking to streamer, Myth, when he said it.

You can watch the clip below.

Right away people started being upset about this, saying that his Twitch account should be banned, calling him racist. Just about everything that you’d expect to happen. But in reality there is another side of Twitter that is saying he should be allowed to say it.

Which is absolutely crazy to me.

Other popular streamers are speaking up about this now:

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