Marvin Jones Says Refs Thought It Was A Catch

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During the Lions Packers game today there was once again a controversial call that didn’t go the Lions way. It was the fourth quarter the Lions were down by two scores. Stafford found Marvin Jones deep that would have put the Lions at the one. The call on the field was incomplete but on the replay, it looked like Marvin somehow got his feet inbounds.

Even after the review, the refs still said it was incompatible. Utter ridiculousness. Look, I know I’m biased but that’s a catch. Marvin Jones after the game still thinks it was a catch and hell, even some of the refs did.

Jones after the game goes “Obviously when I caught the ball my feet were down. So when I got up and he said it was incomplete, it threw me for a loop. Especially when I saw it on the big screen. I mean, both my feet were down when the ball was in my hands.” And then Jones says something that caught everyone’s attention “I don’t know if I can say too much without getting in trouble, but I think it was a catch. And I was actually mic’d up and there were a couple of refs that thought it was a catch, too. So we’ll just leave it at that.” Lions kick returner Jamal Agnew

also gave his two scents on the situation on Twitter.

Ridiculous that was called incomplete. But it’s not surprising, this has happened countless of times against the Lions. Especially against Green Bay.

I don’t think the NFL has some agenda against the Lions and causes them to lose. The Lions are good enough at losing by themselves but man this happens every damn season.

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