Marshawn Lynch To Appeal One game Suspension

Marshawn Lynch is probably one of the most fun players in the NFL to watch, on and off the field. He just has a vibe to him where it seems like he does not care about what others think about him or what he does.

Every once in a while this vibe of his could hurt him.

In Oakland’s Thursday night game against the Kansas City Chiefs, an altercation broke out after what looked like a hit on Raiders quarterback Derek Carr. Seeing this, many teammates came to back up Carr including running back Marshawn Lynch.

Lynch was not on the field to start the play.

Seeing the play, Lynch ran from the sidelines to go be a part of the altercation, something that is not allowed in the NFL. He definitely did not think before he acted.

Lynch got tangled up in the act and ended up pushing a referee. This ended up with Lynch getting ejected and having to lead the stadium.

Lynch did not leave the stadium as he was spotted by a fan sneaking into the stands to watch the game.

The pushing of the ref and leaving the sideline led to the NFL suspending Lynch for Oakland’s next game.

Lynch does not think that is fair, and he plans to appeal the suspension later this week, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Media.

If Lynch does not win the appeal he will be out for Oakland’s next game on October 29th against the Buffalo Bills. Even though with Lynch out it does not seem to affect the Raiders as they were able to take down the Chiefs with little contribution from Lynch.

There will never be another player in the league like Marshawn Lynch.

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