Marshawn Lynch Is Making Football Comeback!? Suits Up In Fan Controlled Football as Player and Owner! You Can Watch Right Now!


Are you kidding me? I was really excited about this league already but now we have Marshawn Lynch suiting up as a player in the Fan Controlled Football league.

I thought the idea of fans calling the plays was smart… But now we have Marshawn Lynch playing?

He’s an owner of the, Beasts, and now he’s playing? He said that he’ll only be playing a few plays while he was in the booth. Everyone thought it was a joke. But it looks like it isn’t.

Johnny Manziel on one team… Marshawn Lynch on another.

This games going to be a good one and talked about all over sports networks this week! What a move by Marshawn to play out of nowhere!

You can watch the game by clicking the link below and going to the FCF Twitch page.

FCF – Twitch

Want to know how to get people watching? Have Marshawn Lynch in the booth, owning a team, and playing! Lynch talked about how he had family on the team. I’m sure that playing with his family has been something he’s wanted to do his entire life.

Currently is there are roughly 20,000 people watching. It’ll be interesting to see how many it jumps up throughout the game. I’ll update this!

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