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Marquette Little League Goes to Temporary Shutdown After Coach Tests Positive for Coronavirus; Coach Later Banned From Future Events

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Marquette Little League is on temporary shutdown after a coach tested positive for the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The coach would later be removed-and later banned-after not revealing to fellow coaches and the league he was getting tested for the virus.

ABC 10 Ishpeming reports that the coach, who’s name has not been released, was down in Wisconsin coaching youth hockey games.

The coach felt sick during one of the days and went to get tested back in Marquette, where he was told to self-quarantine until results came back. However, the coach did not alert anyone that he had the virus and also coached two Little League games.

He would later to be confirmed positive for the virus just a couple days after coaching those games, according to league president Shane Cromell.

“Right now, I shut everything down,” said Cromell. “The health department contacted everybody that has been in contact with him on the Little League side, and I’d imagine on the hockey side, to quarantine and do all that. So I just shut the whole league down until I know what’s going on.”

There is no current plans on when the league will be restarting, but there is a chance lower divisions can start back up very soon.

“When everybody that the health department tells me are going to get tested, when they get their results, we’ll have a board meeting and make a decision from there,” said Cromell. “My tee ball and rookies, after the holidays, they play at the Kaufman complex, I might start them back up and let them finish.”

Although the coach is permanently banned from any Little League function, his children will still be allowed to be in league play.

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