Mark Dantonio, You Were a Great Coach, but It’s Time to Go

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When Mark Dantonio took over as Michigan State football head coach, the team was a disaster, suffering through mediocrity in the Bobby Williams and the John L. Smith eras. 

Dantonio has built this team to multiple bowl wins, a Rose Bowl victory, and a College Football Playoff appearance.

But the words that he spoke, ‘the pride comes before the fall,’ it may finally have came back to haunt him this season. 

When he spoke those words, Dantonio not only proved to the world that he can turn around a program and dominate his rival in University of Michigan during his career, but fast forward 12 years later, it has symbolized his last few years at MSU. 

Ever since the Spartans went 3-9 in 2016, they clawed back to flip the record to 9-3. The team was okay; good, young, and upcoming. 

However, over that period of time, coaching (on both sides) was starting to become an issue. They hardly adjusted, settled for screen plays and jet sweeps on third and long, and believed in ‘talent’ and schemes that they had out there. It never worked most of time. 

This past offseason, Dantonio clearly said he was going to make changes to his offensive staff.

Want to know what happened? He shuffled around people like chairs on a sinking Titanic. 

The team this season scored 28 points and over the first couple games, but they’ve gotten worse as the season progressed. This includes now a five-game losing streak, dating back to last October. 

MSU’s defense, which was deemed as ‘elite,’ now looks like a group of pylons and whole bunch of arm-tacklers out there. Dantonio has built some great defenses over time, but it looks like a fading memory. 

In this current losing streak, they blew a 28-3 lead to Illinois only to lose in the winding seconds and they wound up getting blown out 44-10 at Michigan. 

It’s crazy how one quote can symbolize both a rise and a fall of a career. Dantonio has brought them to relevance and now, his team is right back where he started.

So Dantonio just please, this team isn’t going anywhere this season and it’ll be worse next season based on talent and recruiting. 

So please with all due respect coach Dantonio, you were awesome when you took over, but it’s time to retire or resign already. 

Dantonio has coached up some great bowl-contending teams, but seriously, MSU and their fanbase want a fresh start for a football standpoint. 

So me and fellow Spartan fans ask you and MSU this, have Dantonio walk away and that way the team can start over and usher in our new coach and begin our new chapter of Michigan State football.

Someone can adapt and adjust during the game would be nice, but please, just do one simple favor and we will be okay. 

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