Mario Lopez is Taking Over The Tyson vs Jones Fight Tonight #tysonvsjones

Mario Lopez is owning the fight night tonight woman of every age seem to be drooling over the heart throb and not even concerned about the huge fit. Literally dominating Twitter all I see on my feed is Mario Lopez or meme’s about him. It is literally nuts.

I have no clue why Mario is even here? What are his credentials to be a ring side announcer for a boxing pay-per view? He must be employed by Triller in some capacity. What a couple of weeks Mario Lopez is having from hosting the Macy’s Day parade to being the ring side announcer for one of the most anticipated pay-per view of the year have a week Mario. Must be huge and it seems as though Slater still have the hearts of many women across the country.

Mario being doing ring side announcing is probably the least shocking thing of 2020 but it really is still eyebrow raising. It is nice to see he is still finding a way to get a check, and that he is still in demand. I know he was involved in the Save By The Bell reboot but I didn’t know if he was doing any other work outside of that but hey go get that bag Mario!

Also how does Triller have money to sponsor this from giving the D’Amelio family millions of dollars to now sponsoring this fight. Does anyone really use the Triller platform? Maybe being 22 I am too old to understand what that platform is and the popularity of it is but it just seems like they have an endless cashflow and they do not produce anything. That is just crazy too me as well.

Literally is going to have the makings to be a historical night in television. It is a lot of odd things leading up too this huge event but that tweet above this sums up the night so far perfectly. What is happening? But I guess that is 2020.

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