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Marcus Stroman HATES Tony LaRussa

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White Sox fans, kiss the thought goodbye of signing Marcus Stroman this offseason. He pretty much confirmed on twitter that he will NOT be playing for the southside.

I guess you’ve got to respect it. The man has values and sticks with them.

Although, I keep having a hard time understanding all of this backlash from Sox fans towards Tony LaRussa. Sure, he may have a few DUIs, and being a Trump supporter in Chicago?? That’s a big red flag. But he is quite literally a Hall of Fame manager. A 3x World Series champ and 4x manager of the year, cmon. This man knows his baseball!

I think the politically correct wave recently has tarnished LaRussa’s name, but you can’t argue that he knows how to manage.

Another dumb argument the Sox fans are shouting is that he won’t get along with Tim Anderson and his bat flipping antics. Do you forget that LaRussa once managed this guy for 7 years??

Rickey Henderson, one of the flashiest players of all time.

Looks a lot like Tim Anderson doesn’t it? If Sox fans and players can get past the fact that LaRussa isn’t PC, they should be just fine.

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