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Manziel Vs Kaepernick

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The craziness that could be for the Seahawks now that Boykin has been kicked off the team for beating and choking his girlfriend.  Manziel and Kaepernick trying to make a comeback to the NFL look no further than Seattle, last year they took a look at Kaep and now they have an available slot to fill.

Last year it didn’t work out since he still assumably wanted starter money and had enough SJW in the locker room, but now with the departure of lying Michael Bennett and outspoken Richard Sherman Seattle could be back in the mix for Kaep.  In the past, it might have been a bigger problem with all the reports of Sherman having problems with Wilson as the starter and could have made to many headlines with him speaking out in favor for Kaep.


The real question now is who would be the better fit and cause less trouble for the team? Manziel or Kaepernick? I would be in favor of Manziel since you see him working out and trying to make a comeback and don’t hear a whisper of anything that Kaepernick is trying to do to even make it back into the NFL.

Both have had their trouble in two different worlds Manziel with the law and Kaep with his protests that sparked rage across America and ultimately probably led to the ratings falling this year in the NFL.  SJW’s will say Manziel has done far worse things and doesn’t deserve a shot before Kaep and most will probably pull the race card if he does make it in before him.


Ask yourself this race baiters, what has Kaep done to even show he wants to play in the NFL again?  Has held no interviews about football, has shown no tape of working out and wanting to make it back.  I agree he at one time was the better talent then Manziel but does talent outway the hunger it takes to want to play again in the NFL that we just don’t see from Kaep?

This offseason has already been crazy enough if this does come to light it will spark headlines and debates for weeks.  I think both what Manziel and Kaep did were stupid, but I am all about giving them both a second chance.  The only thing is you need to show you want a second chance and from Kaep I don’t see that.  Manziel so far has shown he is willing to put int he work and sacrifice to get back into the NFL maybe he has finally grown up, we won’t know till he gets that shot if he will mess it up again.  I for one can’t wait to see who gets signed first.


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