Man Asks ALL 32 NFL Teams Why Should Be A Fan

Fans will do anything for the team they love. They spend a lot of money so that they can have all the gear to cheer their team on. Some even get to the stadium hours early to watch the team warm up before a game.

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Even though some people will go full out for their team, some need some understanding to which team they should go all out for. In the fanatics world, there are many different types of fans.

These include the loyal fan, The Bandwagon fan, and the fans who do not even know who their favorite team is.

Then… There is this guy.

According to Daily Snark, Reddit user @The_Champ_Is_Here_14 has reached out to all 32 NFL teams to asking why should he hop on their bandwagon:

“So at the age of 23 I decided it was time to choose a NFL team to become a fan of. A year and a half ago I saw SpacemasterTom’s post and thought it was a great idea. In July I sent my letter to all 32 NFL teams and over the next 2 months I received 14 responses. In no particular order here are the teams that responded with an album of pictures of what I received:”



As you can see, this man has gotten replies from teams all over the league trying to convince him why he should be a fan of theirs. Only 18 more teams to go.

“I decided to choose my team the week before the season started, so on the Wednesday before the Chiefs and Patriots played, I chose my team. It came down to two teams, the Panthers and Packers. I decided to become a fan of the Panthers!

I know this might get buried since after all it is NFL Sunday, but this is the first time I was able to share my story with you all. So if you are a fan of any of the other teams I received stuff for I would be glad to give them to you.
Last of all………….KEEP POUNDING!!!!!”









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