Man arrested for smoking weed in Courtroom while pleading for Legalization

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Spencer Alan Boston a Nashville native was arrested Monday after he lit up a joint in court while fighting a simple drug possession charge. His bond now sits at $3,000.

First of all what a move, its almost like a checkmate. You want to fight me on a simple drug possession charge? I’ll smoke right in your legal mecca, the courtroom.

Secondly, this guy fits the description perfectly. If you would’ve asked me to draw a picture of a guy who would blaze a joint in front of a judge in court I would have drawn this guy exactly. Note for the future: if you’re gonna pull a stunt like this, maybe wear a suit comb the hair a little.

Finally I applaud this man. Isn’t this the American dream? Peaceful protest man. Instead they take this hero away in shackles. Shameful for Wilson County! we should start a GoFundMe and get this guy out. Spencer Alan Boston is not the hero we need but deserve!

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