Mamba Forever

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One name that means more than words can describe Kobe. Bean. Bryant. Yesterday was a very tough day, and waking up this morning realizing that it was not just a bad dream makes it even harder, I know I speak for many when I say that I am still having problems wrapping my head around this it still does not feel real. It is okay not be okay, that is something people tend to forget. 


One word to describe this situation is shocking, it does not register that this actually happened because when you are growing up and idolizing players you do not think about them being mortal you see them as a larger than live hero so when something like this happens it is Earth shattering. Kobe’s accomplishments speak for themselves one generations bridge from Michael Jordan and the closest thing we have ever seen to MJ and something we will never see again. Most importantly Kobe taught the world something profound, Mamba Mentality which is simply trying to become better than you were yesterday in every phase of your life and having a relentless drive to do just that, this is why his peers, and fans alike admired him so much because of that competitive fire that was so evident. But outside of basketball Kobe gave meaning to being ‘More Than An Athlete’ he was a great Father, an Oscar Award winner, a journalist, and a author these are all accomplishments he made outside the game of basketball. A Worldwide figure who had an impact on a generation which cannot be put into words. It is also important to not forget that among Kobe and his daughter Gianna’s death seven other lives were lost, all lives are meaningful, all lives are important like any other it such a precious thing. It was a tough day yesterday and unfortunately it is not going to get any easier, it is even harder to think of what the promising road ahead of Kobe was going to be in his second act of his life, it is tough to think that the world will not be able to see his Hall of Fame speech but we have to hold on to the memories we have of Kobe and the joy he gave to so many people joy, that is what keeps him alive the memories we have. 


With the events that transpired yesterday it put into perspective how fragile life truly is one minute you can be here and the next you could be gone. We collectively need to live life, make memories with the people we love and cherish, and take advantage of the time we are given on Earth. Hug someone you love today, call a friend you have not talked to in awhile to check up on them, a lot of times in life we forget who people actually are. Drop petty arguments you are having with people, that is arbitrary none of that stuff matters, this is about life and making sure we are living in the now. More than ever before everyone could use a little Mamba Mentality, life is too short, live everyday day like it is your last. 

Kobe put it best, “You have to keep moving You have to keep going. Put one foot in front of the other, smile, and just keep rolling.” 

For basketball and Kobe fans think of the joy you got out of watching him compete night in and night out the highlights, those memories are what we have on from Kobe Bryant. Something that we all can hold onto is that his legacy lives on in a generation of NBA players that grew up loving and idolizing him.

Mamba Forever.

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