Malcolm Jenkins Reminding Tom Brady Why He Should Stay at QB [Video]

Super Bowl 52 was one for the books as the Philadelphia Eagles took flight defeating the New England Patriots 41-33.

When the big game is on the line, coaches will take drastic measures and come up with some creative plays. New England’ Coach Bill Belichick decided he wanted to take a shot and throw to the slowest wide receiver in the league, Tom Brady.

Wait….what? I thought Tom Brady was a quarterback. Well, he has some experience catching the ball against the Eagles, as he did it in 2015 against Philadelphia.

But… we all know that when the big game is on the line, Brady should stay in the pocket.

Philadelphia Defensive back Malcolm Jenkins was the first one to remind him that downfield is not where he belongs.

Jenkins poked fun at Brady for missing a wide-open catch that could have led to many yards for the Patriots.

This was a crucial moment for the “G.O.A.T.” as that catch could have changed the game and Malcolm Jenkins knew that. I bet Patriot fans are also saying “Come on Man.”

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